AED and CPR Solutions for Alternate Care Facilities

ZOLL® provides AED and CPR solutions for medical and dental offices, surgery centers, nursing homes, and other care facilities. Our clinically advanced, easy-to-use products help lay rescuers and professionals alike respond quickly and effectively to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Protect Those Under Your Care

Are you fully prepared if one of your patients or staff experiences SCA?

ZOLL offers a wide range of products for novice rescuers to seasoned professionals. From AEDs to a professional defibrillator that powers on as an AED but converts to a full-featured manual defibrillator with the push of a button, ZOLL gives rescuers the tools they need. And every AED and defibrillator we sell has Real CPR Help®, real-time feedback on the rate and depth of compressions to guide rescuers to provide consistent, high-quality CPR.

Featured Products